2013 Review (in note form)


  • Portland, OR
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Los Angeles
  • Toronto & Ottawa
  • shorter trips to Seattle/Victoria/Whistler


  • Ran my first 2 half marathons
  • Both completed in under 2 hours, best time 1:49:52
  • Can actually do some chin-ups now. Not many, but it's a start



Completed 38 books (not bad). Favourites included:


Open Source

  • littledom, a tiny DOM library
  • backprop, for using ES5 properties with Backbone
  • shamus, a work-in-progress desktop app for instant feedback during development (using node-webkit).
  • Small contributions to about a dozen other projects. It wasn't much, but it was something I'd like to build on for 2014.


  • Finally set up a personal site (this one)
  • Learned how to cook beef brisket (easy and delicious!)
  • Attended the CascadiaJS javascript conference, which was great

Overall not bad, but there was some personal stuff that put a damper on 2013 for me. Bring on the New Year!